Having been brought up in the countryside, hiking and hill walking was a much loved aspect of my early life. From early teens to young adulthood I was lucky enough to have walked some beautiful trails across Europe, North America and Asia. I traveled a great deal, worked piecemeal, and took every opportunity to absorb the majestic beauty of the mountains.

As I reached my mid twenties the need to find myself the stability afforded by a career became to overwhelming, and the fear of not integrating myself into the world of salaries, pensions and corporate certainty was too strong.

Over time the bright, beautiful, lights of the mountains dimmed. The memory of achievement and accomplishment borne of overcoming self-perceived limitations dissipated. In a few short years I was fully institutionalised into corporate Britain.

Two years ago I,  mostly out of a favour to my father, found myself walking in Snowdonia. The memories murmured and twitched in side of me, threatening to wash over me. I plugged the dam.

Then in 2016, having only once taken more than three days  vacation in the past five years, I took a much needed holiday to South America. There, I found myself trekking in the Urumbamba Mountain range and testing myself at altitude once more. I struggled through headaches, leg-aches and fatigue to hit 4,800m.  Amidst the pain and the unforgiving environment, I was reminded of the beauty of the mountains and the romance in near isolation and, at times, seeming desolation. I was reminded that hiking affords moments of true self-reflection, true personal and emotional development and offers the chance to conquer the obstacles we build within ourselves I remembered what I had buried inside the recesses of my mind: The mountains are freedom; and that calms my soul.

My passion reinvigorated, I now aim to continue to fulfill this need as best I can. I aim to achieve emotional freedom, and progress with, what I hope will one day become, more than a hobby.

Please join me on this journey and, maybe, find your own calling in the mountains.