Hiking – a bruising hobby

Sadly, hiking can take its toll, particularly on those of perhaps more advanced years.

In truth, I’m not that old. But a number of physical jobs as a younger man has meant that my bones groan in the wind and creek when under pressure.

On a recent trip to Wales I managed to hurt myself not once, but twice. After a quick trip to the hospital (and a sharp dent in my pride), one injury was on the road to recovery. The second however, is proving more insidious.

When descending Cadair Idris I felt a strong pain in my right knee, just above the knee cap. It seemed to settle in the weeks following Wales, but a short walk up a hill in Derbyshire, and it is back to feeling tender again.

Now I’m fairly sure I know what it is, and I’m fairly sure I know how to deal with it.

But it is frustrating as hell.

I have two trips in April, both back to Wales, and having paid up most of the expenses already, I am loathe to miss them. Aside from April, I have a trip in May and then nothing until I head to the Atlas mountains in July and I want to be at 100% fitness for that trip.

But in truth…I should Shouldn’t I?

Any tips / hints on length of rest, recovery techniques, or how I can manage tendinitis over the next few months are greatly welcome. Particularly those that can be honest with me about preventing it from becoming chronic.

Any tips on how to stop yourself from going crazy and rushing back to the outdoors also welcome.

4 thoughts on “Hiking – a bruising hobby

  1. Do you own trekking poles? If not, get some. They will help you tremendously while hiking and take a lot of pressure of your knees. Also, fitness helps a lot. Exercises to strengthen your quads and the muscles that surround your knees will help them support your knee. And then when you are done, stretch. Tendinitis is tough. It takes complete rest to really heal. So I would also say rest as much as you can right now before your next trips. Work on stretching. Work on strength. And get poles!!

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    1. Thanks for the advice! Appreciated!

      I do own poles yes and am trying to force myself to stop neglecting them. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head I think I need to work on stretching more. Anything specific for quads hamstrings I may not have thought of?


      1. I have a foam roller that I use and I concentrate a lot on the IT band (it runs down the outside of your leg connecting your hip to your knee). The IT band can cause a ton of knee pain as it gets tight and starts yanking on the knee. Another one I do is runner’s stretch. It is kind of like being in a starting position in sprinter’s blocks. But you extend your one leg back and really stretch (do a search on this). Those two things help me the most.

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