A stroll in the Peak District – Derbyshire

Despite growing up in Derbyshire I never truly appreciated the beauty of the area until relatively recently. In my desire for adventures and to be within nature I traveled further afield, instead of looking out into my backyard. It seems a bit ridiculous now, but I guess a lot of people do it.

01. stepping stones

Almost every town in the Peak District is a gateway to some wonderful walks and trails, and despite the area having about 7 months of rain a year, it can be a dramatic backdrop to a day out (Ok, I’m being pessimistic, its more like 9 months of rain).

05. tree

Recently I was back in Derbyshire, and decided to go for a short stroll. I’ve been having knee issues recently, so just wanted to have a pleasant, quiet (and flat) walk. Of course, what Derbyshire lacks in altitude it more than compensates for in inclination and hubris can be a terrible affliction.

06. Hills and river

I was reminded how lucky I was to have had that on my doorstep as a child, and even though I didn’t make the most of it, even just cycling around the area, or going camping with your friends was pretty special in all honesty. The greenness of the hills, and the lush, natural beauty (because of the aforementioned rain) is a welcome relief from the grey, vertical city of London


08. valley

Thankfully the knee was mostly fine save for a bit of tenderness and a bit of strapping the week after definitely helped. I had wanted to rest it completely before I was back in Snowdonia over the Easter weekend. So I know I was a bit silly going for a walk with steep descents. I was probably even sillier running the Spartan Sprint the week after returning to London from Derbyshire – Seriously, hubris is a very real ailment.


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