Travel Notes – Suggestions for Morocco


Later this year I will be heading to Morocco for a week. For some reason my group of friends and I decided that July would be the best time to do this, when the temperature is in the 40 degree Celsius region. Personally, I would have preferred a time of the year which is likely to be a little less…melty.

The main event is a hike up Mount Toubkal, however, we have a number of other days to fill. When we arrive, and before starting the hike, we will be spending two nights and a day in and around Imlil. Following the hike we will have three free days before returning to London.

Any suggestions at all on things to do and places to see will be massively appreciated. As a group we would like to stay active, so I’d love to hear about any amazing desert trips, but also take in a little bit of the cultural aspect.

So, any hints, tips, do’s, or even dont’s, please drop me a line!

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