A view from Idris’ Chair

I recently wrote about a recent trip to one of my favourite mountains in Snowdonia, Cadair Idris. They say if you spend a night alone on its slopes you shall return a poet…or a madman. Indeed during the bitterly cold winter and spring months when the rain and the wind rages, it definitely feels somewhat indomitable.

The mountain is special to me for nostalgic reasons, and I try to go back every so often. However, I typically head back in the “off-season” as the mountain, with a number of routes to the top, can become a bit of a tourist trap. Visiting in the non-touristy months does have its pitfalls, and I frequently find myself in less-than-photo-worthy-weather (as you can see from the photos in the link above).

I recently returned however and the weather was a bit kinder and I managed to get a few nice shots. Inspired by this post I thought I would share some more photos of this famous Welsh mountain. I am by no means an accomplished photographer, however, and to really experience Cadair, you need to walk its trails and stand atop Idris’ chair looking out at the mountains that stretch out before you.

StepsMountain 2Mountain 7Mountain 8


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