There is beauty in (a little bit) of danger

This weekly photo challenge inspired me to contribute.

The world is an absolutely awe inspiring place and nature can be both stunning and irrepressible in equal measure. It is as diverse as the people within it and what represents danger to one represents beauty, adventure and challenge to another.

The below photo was taken on Crib Goch, Snowdonia. Whilst not an incredibly dangerous walk, it is certainly somewhat hair-raising. Although it is not the most artistic, or in-focus, picture I’ve ever taken, it does quite nicely represent the lengths that people will go to in pursuit of their ambitions.

I’m referring to the small figure on the top of the front and left-most peak making their way across the ridge. This day, while relatively clear, was just after an extended period of rainfall, as such the rocks were slick with water. The wind was also incredibly strong and the ridge felt a lot more precarious than it would otherwise.

As mentioned previously, this isn’t a dangerous walk, but precautions should always be taken. With knowledge and competence comes additional comfort and even safety and after all, what would live be without a bit of, proportionate, danger : )


Crib Cropped


6 thoughts on “There is beauty in (a little bit) of danger

  1. A nice take on the word challenge! It’s true, danger is a subjective matter. What’s dangerous to you may be safe to me and vice versa. But like you said, precautions should always be taken. Great piece! 🙂

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