Tryfan, Bristly Ridge, Y Gribin – A scramblers paradise

A great aspect of living in London is that my friendship circle consists of people from all over the world; people with different upbringings, different backgrounds and different experiences. This diverse friendship group has opened my eyes to many things in life that I would not have experienced otherwise and, given their experiences of the UK consist almost exclusively of London, It also allows me to open theirs.

Over the past few months I’ve had a lot of requests from people who spend 90% of their time in central London to help them get into the British countryside. London is a beautiful city in its own right, however it moves at its own speed, and a number of my close friends have been quite taken with the idea of getting outdoors. Indeed, over the past few months I’ve had a number of requests to take people out of London to go hiking. This past weekend I decided to take a good friend of mine to the Ogwen Valley to one of my favourite scrambles.

As I wrote previously  the scrambles in the Glyderau are some of my favourite. They aren’t overly technical and have routes to suit most abilities, however provide more than enough opportunities to get your heart racing slightly. Plus with the Cannon Stone and Adam and Eve on Tryfan and the Cantilever on Glyder Fach, there are many opportunities to get social-media-worthy photographs.



The horseshoe broadly involves scrambles up and down Tryfan, before taking the Bristly Ridge route up to Glyder Fach and finally descending via Y Gribin.


Tryfan itself can, broadly, be as straight-forward as you want. As mentioned in my previous post, if you go do not fall into the trap into thinking there is only one way to the summit and do not blindly follow those in front of you. Pick a route that you think is safest and do not feel pressured into going a certain route.

Bristly ridge is a little less straight forward and there are sections that are definitely a little more exposed and hair-raising. The harder bits can mostly be avoided, but there are sections that are quite vertical and the experience of the group should definitely be taken into consideration.


Finally, after the initial scrambly descent, Y Gribin can either continue to be a slight scramble downhill or a relatively straight-forward walk.

For all of those with a bit of scrambling experience, the region is definitely a must!

11 thoughts on “Tryfan, Bristly Ridge, Y Gribin – A scramblers paradise

  1. I climbed Tryfan for the first time last September and fell in love with it/him/her. Quite a difficult mountain to climb though – compared to most Lakeland mountains for example. I can’t wait to go back. D

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  2. I remember the first time I had to scramble to get up a mountain (Yewbarrow, in the Lakes) and was struck by how short I was – I’m 5″4, but there were times when I could definitely have done with a few extra inches to help me reach the footholds and ledges above! This looks like a great route, especially given there are opportunities to adapt it to your own ability and preferences. Hopefully I’ll have some time to explore Snowdonia a little more this summer, though that will all depend on when I find/ start a new job!

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  3. Hahaha. I’m not overly blessed in the height department either. Tryfan is straight forward enough.

    Definitely get yourself to Snowdonia, it’s am incredible place. Lots of great walks and scrambles.

    I must say though you can’t be short of either in France!

    Good look on the job hunt 🙂


  4. This is great information. I just want to just across the rocks like you are! We are heading to London in the Fall. Tryfan, hmmm. Might have to enjoy that vicariously through you, but Snowdonia…I will do some research on that. great post!

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    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I completely missed this.

      No problem at all! If you want any more tips about London (I live there) or Hiking / Snowdonia (etc) feel free to reach out!

      However I would say that Snowdonia is not close at all to London, and would need a few days at least to make the most of it. That isn’t to say there isn’t some cool stuff to do around London. There are some nice walks, and some lovely countryside nearby. There are also some outdoor climbing places if thats your thing.

      Let me know if I can help!

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    1. Thank you very much! Wales is filled with really interesting hikes, scrambles and climbs there is really so much to do.

      Tryfan is particularly accessible as it is literally just off an A road. If you want any suggestions let me know!

      Scotland is somewhere I definitely want to explore more. I’m hoping to get up there to do some winter stuff next year. Any suggestions? Will check out your blog for some 🙂


    2. Somewhat coincidentally I’ve just got back from Morocco, how did you find it.

      Just noticed your posts on London. For walks around London try Box hill, the Mole Gap and the new forest if you haven’t already!

      Great blog by the way!


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