Triumph from within the clouds

The act of reaching your goal can create an enormous sense of Triumph. Hiking in the mountains often elicits such feelings, however the triumph is borne out of appreciation rather than adrenaline. Where skiing, or bungee jumping are high octane, appealing to those with a desire for speed and who want to get their heart rates racing, hiking mountains is more a grinding test of stamina; thus the emotions derived from hiking can be very different from other sports.

However, the feeling of accomplishment when summiting is not to be overlooked: The satisfaction on looking back over your route and the journey just traveled, the sense of relief at over coming your personal challenge and addressing your perceived limitations, the happiness at looking over the landscape around you from the highest point for as far as the eye can see all create a very real sense of pride and achievement.

However, there is always the opportunity to find your inner-immaturity and let loose a little also:


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