The other side of Snowdon: Rhyd Ddu Path


As I touched upon previously, Snowdon is one of the most well-trodden mountains within the UK. Both the Pyg Path and the Llanberis Path have a great deal of traffic every day. Factor in the train and that is a whole lot of people. Even if you divert from the Pyg in order to tackle Crib Goch bot the beginning and end of your journey will be knee deep in company. Naturally, this flow of people has a knock on effect to parking. The car parks on the East side of the mountain can be incredibly busy. On bank holidays or Summer weekends you’ll need to be an early riser in order to secure a spot at the main entrances.


The West side of the mountain can, however, be a different story. Given the relative fame / accessibility of the East, Paths such as Rhyd Ddu are often overlooked and the beauty of the mountain remains. Parking seems much more reasonable. Although it can still get relatively busy, its not the scuffle it often is at the Pen-y-Pass.

The trail starts by a railway and for the first part of the hike takes you across and over farmland before bringing you to a series of switch backs. You trace the edge of the mountain range with plunging drops to your left before reaching the final ridge that leads you on your final ascent to the summit (and the crowds once more).

If you start the hike at a reasonable time, the crowds are definitely less and it can lead to a much calmer trip.



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