A Peruvian Adventure

Last year I took a trip to Peru. The main event was a hiking trip, however I also managed to explore the cities, and Amazon a little. Here are some photos from that journey.

I didn’t take a lot of photos of Lima, I found myself in far too many restaurants to be productive. However, there is a lot of history and definitely worth ambling around.



Machu Picchu was impressive. However I was left with the feeling that I had scene the sight a million times before in pictures like the one I shot below. It was aggressively busy. If you aren’t hiking to Machu Picchu, to get some nice photos try and be on the first bus up.


74 Macchupicchu

Cusco was a fascinating city. People are friendly and welcoming, though they do have a bit of edge. I spent a lot of time walking around the city, and found myself enamored with the place. It has a strange, almost “base-camp” type atmosphere. People here are often passing through, on their way to the mountains and it feels as such. One morning I ended up in a local church and, even as someone who isn’t religious, the sermon and religious fervor was definitely impressive.

BandW lights 1


The jungle is a humid, sweaty, and unforgiving place. The people are friendly, the animals (at least appear) less so.

Hells Port

We were lucky enough to see a lot of wildlife including a Jaguar who was simply hanging out by the river-side (but whom I did not manage to get any decent pictures of). The rest are below:

04. Moth05. Moth 207. Tree Frog11. boat yard11. Caiman 212. Amazon


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