Wait a little longer…the path will reveal itself

I am bad at waiting…very bad. Ever since a young ‘un I have had a tendency to rush. I eat my food quickly, I’m the first into the ocean, and I love being the first to try new things. I like to think I’m not foolhardy, and that I don’t take needless risks (heartburn from eating quickly can happen to anyone). However it is always good to have a moderating force.

In climbing and hiking, my moderating force is my friends. Not that I believe without them I would rush to reckless heights or be overly risk seeking, but having people who are cautious, people who will act as a check and a balance, is fundamental. Not only do many minds shine brighter than one, but it brings the responsible side in an individual…it brings out the responsible side in all.

There is a lot we can all learn from pressing pause; from waiting that extra second longer. Whether it is picking a line on the side of a mountain; whether it is waiting to send an angry text or  lamenting the absence of a career opportunity…wait a little longer…allow the wind to settle…the pause will clear your mind, cool your fire, and the right path will reveal itself.

Here is one of my good friends perched on Crib Goch, waiting for the wind to settle before tackling the next stretch of slick-with-rain rocks on dreary April morning.

17 Disch on Crib Goch





4 thoughts on “Wait a little longer…the path will reveal itself

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Living in London I sometimes forget to stop for a moment amid the hustle and bustle and just breathe – I should bring my travelling/hiking self into my daily routine far more. Thanks for sharing these wise words 🙂


    1. Ahh you know all about it then! Sadly London moved at it’s own pace and often you need to stay in that zone to keep up! If you ever learn how to bring your “travelling self ” back to the big smoke let me know! I find I can hit pause by getting out of here but haven’t worked out how to bring my stare of mind back here yet. Once I’m back I slip all too easily back to the corporate life!


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