A Peruvian Adventure

Last year I took a trip to Peru. The main event was a hiking trip, however I also managed to explore the cities, and Amazon a little. Here are some photos from that journey. I didn't take a lot of photos of Lima, I found myself in far too many restaurants to be productive. However, … Continue reading A Peruvian Adventure

The Many faces of Morocco

Morocco is a country of contrasts. There is great diversity in it's people, it's environments and it's topography. Vibrant city-scapes give way to vast, daunting, mountains which themselves give way to the cracked, aggressive heat of the Sahara. Most people are rich in culture, welcoming in nature and hospitable. It has beautiful, elegant palaces; arduous … Continue reading The Many faces of Morocco

A well kept Welsh secret: Aran Fawddy

The word "Snodownia" is very often synonymous with well known ranges such as Snowdon, or the Glyders and South Snowdonia, to many, is singularly restricted to Cadair Idris. For those who like to stray from the beaten path, however, the Welsh mountains offer an amazing array of trails across rough, weather beaten, trails and that wind through … Continue reading A well kept Welsh secret: Aran Fawddy

The other side of Snowdon: Rhyd Ddu Path

As I touched upon previously, Snowdon is one of the most well-trodden mountains within the UK. Both the Pyg Path and the Llanberis Path have a great deal of traffic every day. Factor in the train and that is a whole lot of people. Even if you divert from the Pyg in order to tackle … Continue reading The other side of Snowdon: Rhyd Ddu Path

Jbel Toubkal – North Africa’s highest peak

Nestled in the heart of Morocco lies the Atlas mountains and within them the highest mountain in North Africa, the well known Jbel Toubkal. Many hikers climb the mountain every year and the town Imlil, which acts as the main hub for those wishing to summit, has benefited greatly from the large amounts of people … Continue reading Jbel Toubkal – North Africa’s highest peak

Triumph from within the clouds

The act of reaching your goal can create an enormous sense of Triumph.┬áHiking in the mountains often elicits such feelings, however the triumph is borne out of appreciation rather than adrenaline. Where skiing, or bungee jumping are high octane, appealing to those with a desire for speed and who want to get their heart rates … Continue reading Triumph from within the clouds

Tryfan, Bristly Ridge, Y Gribin – A scramblers paradise

A great aspect of living in London is that my friendship circle consists of people from all over the world; people with different upbringings, different backgrounds and different experiences. This diverse friendship group has opened my eyes to many things in life that I would not have experienced otherwise and, given their experiences of the … Continue reading Tryfan, Bristly Ridge, Y Gribin – A scramblers paradise