A journey to the roof of Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro

Why do we do what we do? The German language has a word that means “pleasure derived from others’ misfortune”: Schadenfreude. Is there a word for “pleasure derived from your own misfortune”? Masochism is probably the closest, but after 6 days on a mountain without a sniff of a shower, there is very little to … Continue reading A journey to the roof of Africa – Mt Kilimanjaro


Why we hike

I haven’t written much recently; this is mostly due to being busy at work meaning I haven’t really had the energy to force another trip to the mountains, but also partly due to the cost of doing so catching up with me a little. As the weather closes in further, I am certain hiking partners … Continue reading Why we hike

Taking work to the mountains

I recently wrote about taking a group of friends to Snowdonia. This past weekend I took another group; this time a group of colleagues. I am currently in a very lucky position. The Company I work for has had a big push towards employee "wellness" over the past couple of years. As part of that … Continue reading Taking work to the mountains

Wait a little longer…the path will reveal itself

I am bad at waiting...very bad. Ever since a young 'un I have had a tendency to rush. I eat my food quickly, I'm the first into the ocean, and I love being the first to try new things. I like to think I'm not foolhardy, and that I don't take needless risks (heartburn from … Continue reading Wait a little longer…the path will reveal itself

The gentle beauty of nature 

The gentle, delicate, beauty of nature is everywhere. Even the smallest creatures shine with vibrant colours, their delicate structures belying an existence forged from a slow, meticulous, evolutionary process. Their colours dance vividly for a reason; their slight frames, delicate and vulnerable, are the product of refinement; a gift a millennia in the making. structure

The corner where nature meets man – Photo Challenge

At the mouth of the Barmouth estuary, at the end of the the Mawddach trail, a train bridge bisects the water demonstrating both the ingenuity of man and the irrepressible force of nature. We cant wade through it, but we can find a way. Mankind has had an aggressive approach towards its interaction with nature, particularly … Continue reading The corner where nature meets man – Photo Challenge